Young Wooldridge, LLP

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California Employment and Labor Law Attorneys
Young Wooldridge, LLP
1800 30th Street
4th Floor
Bakersfield, California 93301

Phone (661) 327-9661


Young Wooldridge, LLP Overview

Young Wooldridge, LLP has faithfully given Bakersfield families, businesses, and workers the combined experience of a tested team of 17 dedicated and tenacious attorneys. The firm’s commitment to client attention and exhaustive research has given the firm over 70 years of enviable success and a reliable reputation within California’s legal system, one that to this day still provides clients in need with peace of mind and trusted advocacy.

The proven attorneys at Young Wooldridge are each experts in a variety of overlapping specialties, offering services in family law, business law, estate planning, bankruptcy, and several specific areas of expertise pertaining to business and corporations of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. The firm’s wide range of experience has proven a valuable asset to individuals and families in need, enabling each case to be analyzed from several different legal perspectives and from several different attorneys, ensuring that the final legal strategy for success is stronger and more well-rounded than any plan concocted by a single lawyer. The Bakersfield office has hosted a truly massive number of businesses and families in need, providing to each the level of personal care, attention, and diligence quite often lost in large firms, and giving to each the comfort and peace of mind that comes with knowing one’s assets, children, and livelihood are protected with the best the law has to offer.

Families and individuals rarely have needs that can be boxed in entirely under one legal category; there is always an element of overlap that one specialist alone may miss. The mammoth team of attorneys at Young Wooldridge have long used their collaboration and collective expertise to bring quality and tested legal solutions to clients, proudly carrying on a 70-year tradition of excellence that continues to serve California residents with honor and skill.

Young Wooldridge, LLP Areas of Law

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