Gagen, McCoy, McMahon, Koss, Markowitz & Fanucci

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Business, Criminal Defense, Education Law, IP, Litigation & Estate Planning Law Firm in California
Gagen, McCoy, McMahon, Koss, Markowitz & Fanucci
630 San Ramon Valley Blvd
Suite 100
Danville, California 94526

Phone (925) 837-0585


Gagen, McCoy, McMahon, Koss, Markowitz & Fanucci Overview

No matter what your legal need is, the attorney you choose to represent you has the greatest impact on the outcome of the case. The approach your California lawyer takes in your case has a great impact on the outcome you get in your case. This is why it is so important to make sure the attorney you choose meets the needs you have. We have been serving our clients for more than 50 years. In those years, we have reached the best possible outcomes for our clients in many areas of law.

Here at Gagen, McCoy, McMahon, Koss, Markowitz & Fanucci, we pride ourselves on the high-quality service we offer to our clients. We have a reputation for being the premier criminal defense firm in the Danville and St. Helena areas. The reputation we earned comes from the excellent service we offer to our clients for a reasonable fee. We believe that no matter what you are facing, it should not cost you everything to beat it.

In the many years that we have been serving clients who need serious representation, we have come to know that each client comes to us with their own set of expectations and goals for their case. It is up to us to take the time needed to know how to provide you with the outcome you need for your best tomorrow. When you do not treat a legal matter with the severity it requires, it can cause you to regret your actions for years to come, if not the rest of your life. Let us give you the peace of mind knowing that you will get the best possible outcome in your case with us and our dedicated service.

Gagen, McCoy, McMahon, Koss, Markowitz & Fanucci Areas of Law

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