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Adams Broadwell Joseph & Cardozo PC, Attorneys at Law.
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Adams Broadwell Joseph & Cardozo PC, Attorneys at Law. Overview

Adams Broadwell Joseph & Cardozo is a law firm providing a unique combination of experience in environmental, natural resources, energy, utility, land use, local government, building and construction and labor law. Since its founding in 1980, the firm has developed a reputation for providing its clients with the highest quality legal representation and advocacy. With offices in South San Francisco and Sacramento, ABJC represents labor organizations, trade associations, public agencies, environmental, consumer and community groups and other non-profit associations throughout California and the western states.

The firm has a particular expertise in assessing the full scope of legal and regulatory issues associated with the permitting and approval of large scale industrial, electric utility, residential and commercial projects. ABJC attorneys regularly participate in permitting proceedings for major development projects across the state. The firm’s attorneys represent clients before federal and state administrative and regulatory agencies and before municipalities and other local governmental agencies. The firm also frequently participates in general rulemaking and regulatory proceedings as well as state and local legislative hearings.

ABJC is known for its ability to fashion innovative and effective approaches to resolving disputes and achieving client objectives. The firm pioneered the representation of workers and labor organizations in the enforcement of public health and safety laws and in the environmental review of projects with significant environmental, worker and community impacts. Over the last thirty years, ABJC has developed a remarkable track record of success in advocating for sustainable development that avoids or mitigates environmental harm and public service impacts while maximizing community benefits.

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