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Ezer Williamson Law
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Ezer Williamson Law Overview

Successful representation requires effective representation. Ezer Williamson sets out to identify the particular needs and goals of its clients and then focuses on those needs and goals to recommend a strategy and design a course of action that is sensible and efficient while being aggressive and affordable.

Ezer Williamson ’s approach to litigation is with sensitivity to its clients’ particular needs, and goals. Ezer Williamson will evaluate all forms of dispute resolution as an alternative to litigation when avoidance of litigation is desired by the client, while remaining prepared to try the case when necessary and appropriate.

The firm has successfully prosecuted and defended claims as diverse as commercial lease disputes, residential lease disputes, specific performance of real estate contracts, specific performance of business contracts, contract disputes, partnership dissolution, easement disputes, boundary disputes, construction defect claims, mechanics’ liens, view preservation, insurance, title disputes, title insurance disputes, fiduciary duty, fiduciary fraud, foreclosure litigation, trust litigation, wage and hour claims, and wrongful termination. Ezer Williamson’s experience in these and other areas contributes to the early and successful resolution of disputes.ffordable.

Ezer Williamson Law Areas of Law

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